You’re doing great so far! Time for a little singing challenge!

Find this statue of Katharine Lee Bates, author of ‘America the Beautiful’. Take a video of your team singing a verse from your favorite patriotic song in front of the statue! Post the video to Instagram and tag @wheretonextrace_


Now locate the metal plaque in front of the statue. Using the inscription on the plaque below her name, solve the following:

_ _ _ _ _

  1. 1L, 1W, 2L

  2. 3L, 3W, 5L

  3. 4L, 7W, 5L

  4. 6L, 3W, 3L

  5. 7L, 5W, 12L

Well done! You should have a 5-letter word. Enter the word into the Clue Portal to unveil your next challenge!