The Ripley Center connects The Smithsonian National Museum for African Art and The Sackler Gallery. It has a labyrinth of hallways. Please be careful to stay in the museum that we are focusing on.

First, take a team picture in front of this great mural below! Post it to Instagram and tag us @wheretonextrace_ and #W2NRDC

Find the display below. On it, watch the video “A vision of new beginnings”. The mask on the man’s head has a number of white circles on it. How many does he have? That number is the first 2 digits of your clue.

For the last 3 digits, find the display below. Imagine each box has a number assigned to it. Starting with the top left box=1. To the right of the 1 box=2. To the right of the 2 box=3. To the right of the 3 box=4. Below the 4 box=5. To the left of the 5 box=6. To the left of the 6 box=7. To the left of the 7 box=8. Below the 8 box=9. To the right of the 9 box=10. To the right of the 10 box=11. To the right of the 11 box=12.

3rd digit= Love, Loyalty

4th digit= Authority

5th digit= Hypocrisy


You should have 5 digits now, enter them in the clue portal for your next clue!