Introducing W2NR Finisher Medals!!

We are very excited to announce a major change in how our races are put together. In the beginning we thought that racers would be motivated to compete in our races for the chance to win prize money. The feedback we received was that the most valuable part of the race was the experience and that completing a race is a major accomplishment itself. We thought that our racers deserved a memento to commemorate and celebrate their race experience, and we decided to design new finisher medals that all racers will receive upon completion of the race!!

Medal W2NR1.PNG

Above is the pre-production drawing of our 2019 medal design. The medals will be ready for our April 2019 DC Race and all remaining 2019 W2NR Races!

Another side effect of the prize money elimination is that we can pass the savings on to our racers! We have lowered the prices of all races to reflect the change.

More exciting news to come, so please stay tuned! We cannot wait for you to race with us soon!

Josh SarverComment