Adventure for All Racers

Is our race right for you? Will I enjoy it if I am not a runner or obstacle course enthusiast?

We have had hundreds of racers come out to our first races in 2018. With that we have collected feedback from every racer. Racers tend to cover the broad spectrum from leisure to highly competitive. Here is a breakdown of how we think the races play out for different levels of competitiveness:

Win the Race

This team is in it to win it, and they’re all about strategy. They have researched sights and landmarks around the city, they’re in peak physical shape, and they likely have past experience in adventure racing. They will work well together, play to each other’s strengths, and have planned out their transportation ahead of time. Our winners have ranged from 11-48 years old. This team likely watches or has watched The Amazing Race (TV). This team is not necessarily local. In fact, 50% of our winning teams have been from out of state!

Finish Near the Top

This duo is competitive and adventurous. They like puzzles, physical exercise and probably have a loose plan coming into the race. This team may be familiar with The Amazing Race, but they aren’t avid fans. This group is very diverse. Most races see teams finishing very close behind the first place team. Around 35% of our teams fall within this group.

Middle of the pack

These teams enjoy the high energy of the race, but they also don’t want to shortchange the experience by skipping out on local food and drinks along the way. These teams will often be our most enthusiastic followers because they enjoyed the challenge and they enjoyed the entire experience. If a checkpoint is at an art museum, they might see some more of the museum before continuing on, whereas the top groups are on a mission to finish. Both ways are great! This group is comprised of about 50% of the teams.

Back of the pack

These teams are not worried about taking the fastest way to get to the next checkpoint. They might walk or checkout a nearby monument they have always wanted to see. These teams will take advantage of the great stops we plan out and are not concerned with winning the race. We have only had 4 teams not finish a race with us due to pace or choice. These racers always have amazing feedback because they see so much more!

We love all of our racers and while the race is about winning and challenging yourself, it is also very much about having a great time and seeing the city in an unconventional way! You can choose your pace and have a great adventure at any speed.  

Josh SarverComment