What to Pack for W2NR Race Day

1.       Backpack

The race will last 3-5 hours, so a small backpack with some essentials may be a good idea to bring with you on race day.

2.       Water

While there will be water at the registration event venue, there will not be any water stations throughout the race. Part of the challenge of W2NR is anticipating what you might need to get to through the race. Hydration is key!

3.       Snacks

Though you may encounter some unique locations with food options throughout the race, it wouldn’t hurt to bring some snacks/energy bars to sustain you along the way. If you’re planning to trek through the race on foot, keep in mind that you’ll be covering a large distance. Keep your energy up while you’re burning those calories!

4.       Smart Phone

Your Smart Phone is ABSOLUTELY essential during the race. Checkpoints and tasks will be verified via Instagram, and some clues may require you to access the web during the race.

5.       Mobile Phone Charger

Refer to #4, and be prepared to charge your phone throughout the race. We recommend bringing a  mobile phone charger with you on race day.

6.       Pen/Pencil

Tasks may include tricky word puzzles that require unscrambling. Pro tip: bring a pen/pencil with you on race day to help you riddle through our puzzles.

7.       Selfie Stick

Yes, this is a race, but half of the fun is logging your progress on social media! You’ll be racing around the city to cool locations, and if you want to elevate your Insta-game, you might consider bringing a Selfie Stick for you and your teammate to capture the best pics. Remember, there will be a prize for social media fan favorite after the race! Get your followers to like your race pics!!

8.       Comfortable Clothes/Shoes

Whether you’re booking it through the race on foot/uber/bike/public transportation, you’ll be outdoors for a good portion of the race. We recommend that you dress for comfort. Luckily, all racers can opt to wear their W2NR race shirts, which are incredibly comfortable, during the race!