What to Expect on W2NR Race Day

Registration will begin at 8:15AM and end at 9:00AM. When you arrive, you will check-in on W2NR tablets, and W2NR team members will verify your team’s Instagram account that will be used during the race. We will have W2NR race shirts on-site for all registered racers. Though we encourage racers to wear their t-shirts during the race, you can opt to receive your shirt after the race. We will then go over the rules and let racers get coffee or use the restrooms. The race will start at 9:00AM. The first task will take place at the event venue. Once completed, racers will depart from the venue to find the first checkpoint in the city. You will visit between 5-8 checkpoints during the race. These could include: iconic local sights, beautiful parks, local businesses, markets, hidden gems in the city, and at least one wildcard location.

Some checkpoints will have small tasks to do that could include: finding someone, finding something, solving a puzzle, trivia, performing, selfies, videos, word puzzles, physical tasks, and many other possibilities. The journey is also important. The race is spread around the city. How will you get from checkpoint to checkpoint? No private planes or helicopters allowed, but otherwise, the city is yours. We recommend putting together a travel strategy with your team before race day.

Please read our post about what to bring with you on race day here.

The race should last around 3-5 hours. Racers will interact with our partners and volunteers around the city during the race, so please be courteous to them. They will be there to help you succeed and have a great race experience.  

After teams have finished all the checkpoints and tasks, they will return to the event venue and check-out on one of the W2NR tablets. The tablets will record racer finishing times. Race results will be posted to our website within 1 week of the race, as the W2NR team will need to verify completion of all tasks on Instagram. Incomplete tasks will result in disqualification. Teams to finish under the goal time for the race will win an equal share of at least $2000!!