5 Tips to Win Where to Next? Race

1. Know the Iconic Hot Spots

Whether you’re racing in a brand new city or racing in your local area, you better know the iconic hot spots. Ask yourself, “if I were a tourist, where would I go?” Though W2NR likes to keep it fresh by showcasing the local scene, we also know that the iconic spots are VERY Instagram-worthy (which our racers dig). So, if you’re racing in NYC, you may want to know where the Statue of Liberty is just in case….


2. Study up on Local Trivia

W2NR is all about engaging experiences, so you can bet that we’re going to challenge you with some trivia. Random knowledge about the city is power! Use it!


3. Research How to get Around

It’s up to you to figure out how to get from checkpoint to checkpoint, and don’t forget it’s a race! Locals racing in their area may have an advantage with familiarity of public and other modes of transportation. We’ve found that traffic in every city is different, so study up on public transportation, rideshare, bikeshare, etc.


4. Map it Out

We live in a world where GPS is critical to navigation and traditional maps are rarely used. On race day, GPS will definitely be your ally, but it may also be helpful to map out the city’s landmarks beforehand.


5. Pack the Essentials

This isn’t your typical adventure race, so gearing up with the right stuff might be difficult. We suggest you bring water, snacks, rain gear, and a mobile phone charger. We also challenge you to think about the city in which you’ll be racing. Ask yourself questions like, “Is it possible they’d make me do a water challenge?” If so, what might you need?


Though W2NR requires many skills and strategies, these 5 strategies are SURE to help you be successful on race day!