What kind of Where to Next? Racer are you?

1. We will win!

This team is laser focused. They are looking at maps before the race and studying the city to determine all the best routes. They are packing their backpacks with reusable water bottles and protein bars. They have studied the Amazing Race, not for enjoyment, but for the strategy. This team will not be stopped and does not want to smell the roses along the race.

2. We will experience the city!

This team savors every checkpoint. They enjoy the best parts of the city and discover some new, cool spots too. They take their time at each spot to snap a few extra pictures and really enjoy the experience itself. They have backpacks packed with flip flops and a change of clothes, so they can go out after the race. This team will have the best time and make some new friends along the way.

3. We will have the best posts on Insta!

This team is looking at all the angles for each shot. Their Instagram looks like a travel blog. They wear the right clothes for their pictures and they may even match. They choose to race because it is new and different. They are doing something before the rest of their friends and you will see it on their social media.

4. This city has food, right?! The race will have food, right?!

This team is looking for some chow. Each stop has options for snacks and this team will take advantage of them. BBQ at 10AM? No problem. Pastry snack? Yes, please. Special Korean tacos? You betcha. They have some tums in their pack and are ready to eat their way through this adventure.

5. The couple who was invited... and is going... but is not sure why!

This team was invited by their friends, who are super into it, but they do not think it sounds like fun. It’s too early on a Saturday. It might be hot or include running.. I mean, it is a race.. ugh. But in a surprising turn, they actually have a good time. They turn into one of the other teams from this list and have fun with their friends. They didn’t know what to expect but this was pretty cool!


Whoever you are - We cannot wait to see you out there!

Josh SarverComment