W2NR Champion at 11 Years Old


Kiana Leon and her dad, Iram Leon, decided to take on Where to Next? Race Austin on October 20, 2018. Fiercely competitive throughout the race, this duo emerged victorious to claim 1st place in our inaugural Austin race. Though all W2NR races are family-friendly, our design team creates challenges and puzzles that are meant to be difficult and exhilarating. Kiana, our very first victor under the age of 18, dominated the race course with her dad. So, we thought we would get some words of wisdom from Ms. Kiana Leon herself on what it’s like to compete in W2NR and advice to win!


Kiana: The Where 2 Next Race was an amazing experience. I had a lot of fun running around Austin with my dad. We went to places like the Hope Outdoor Gallery, Camp Mabry, Orange Theory, Austin puzzle room [Lockout Austin], and a few fun others. The puzzles were challenging sometimes physically and sometimes mentally. We ran around taking pictures and videos and doing things like running around a block, spray painting singing solving puzzles and having fun ( and as a bonus we got a prize and a shirt.) I had a great time and recommend it to anyone who likes fun and adventure.”

W2NR: What advice would you give to anyone trying to win W2NR?

Kiana: Make sure to work as a team and communicate and be prepared. Also run instead of walking.

With our next race in Austin less than 2 weeks away, excitement is on the rise. And rumor has it that Kiana and her dad will be returning on Feb. 9th to defend their 1st place title. A brand new course with all new challenges awaits!

Josh SarverComment