7 Reasons Locals are Competing in W2NR

  1. Discover new parts of your city


W2NR races include both well known landmarks and lesser known spots throughout the city. Locals often find that they’ve never even been to 2 or 3 of the checkpoints within a single race!

2. Win some money


These Nexters were posing with fake cash after a W2NR escape room challenge, but each W2NR race awards over $1000 in CASH to teams that finish under the goal time.

3. Make new friends


Waldo is our guy and a new friend to all! Whether you have a partner to race with or not, W2NR can pair you with a teammate for the race. At the finish line, Nexters often share the experiences of the day over food and beer! A great way to meet new people!

4. Creatively capture the moments


This acrobatic team claimed the award for Best In-Race Photo for W2NR Nashville! Throughout the race, Nexters will find themselves capturing Insta-perfect pics and entertaining videos of each checkpoint challenge!

5. Kids can race too!


This father/daughter duo claimed 1st place in W2NR Austin! Nexters can race with their kiddos and make a family day of the event!

6. Exercise for the mind and body


This Nashville local decided to take a quick break at the final land navigation challenge after a wild race around the city covering over 14 miles! One thing is for sure, Nexters will be challenged both physically and mentally throughout the race. Skip the gym on Saturday and enjoy racing around your city instead!

7. Enjoy food and beer with fellow Nexters at the finish line


Simply stated, local beer and good food are a staple of every W2NR race. Saturday afternoons are for the post-race beers at your city’s hottest spots!

Josh SarverComment