Head into The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum!

Time for a scavenger hunt challenge! Please remember to be respectful of other visitors in the museum.


Before we get started, let’s do a quick photo op! Find the display pictured below. Grab some props from the box, and take a wacky photo with your team. Be sure that your W2NR flag is visible. Post the photo to Instagram and tag @wheretonextrace_

  1. Find the display below. In the red derby car, there is a label next to the steering wheel. Find the 6th letter of the word in the upper right hand corner of the label. This will be the first letter of your 5-letter code for the clue portal.


2. Good work! Now locate the exhibit pictured below. Find the objects contained within the red outlined box. Written on the object in the center of the tin, what is the 2nd letter of the word?

pioneer 1.jpg

3. You’re doing great! Find the display below, and look at the placard to the left of the display. What is the 2nd letter of the last word in the 2nd paragraph?


4. Now find the painting below. What is the 2nd letter of the 1st word written on the placard below the painting?

5. One more to go! Find the exhibit pictured below. Locate the book in the display case just below this exhibit. What is the 7th letter in the 3rd word on the book?


Excellent job! Now enter all 5 letters in order into the Clue Portal to reveal your next challenge!