Welcome to the W2NR in DC! We hope you have a great time. Please reach out to us via Instagram @wheretonextrace_ if you have any issues. Enjoy!

Make your way to the market below. You can take this chance to get some yummy treats or drinks or keep racing along!  

Welcome to Union Market!

We are going to play a game here, today. Find the clues and you will solve the 5 letter/number code for your next checkpoint!

Find the store below. Once you do, the menu is posted above. Find the second salad on their menu. The last letter in the description of that salad is your first clue.


For the second task, you will need to find the plaque below. We have blanked out a word. The 3rd letter of that word is your 2nd letter for this task.


You guys are doing great! For the third letter find the restaurant below. There are 2 main dishes on the menu. What letter appears the most in both of their names? That letter is your third letter!


For the fourth letter you will need to find the restaurant below. On their menu sign, the only writing in pink on the middle of the sign is 4-letters. What is the fourth letter? That is your fourth letter, too!


Are you ready to solve the puzzle? Here is your fifth part to this checkpoint. Find the restaurant below. On the menu sign, the fourth hanging down section of the menu is titled ________. What is the first letter? That is your fifth letter!


Great, Great Job!