Make your way to the the Denver Civic Center Park.

Take a picture with your team and W2NR Flag from the view below. Post the photo to Instagram, tag @wheretonextrace_ and use #w2nrdenver

Time to test your directional skills with an Orienteering Challenge! Head to the Greek Amphitheater on the south side of the park. Pictured below is a map key to help you solve for the next 5-letter code. (Hint: This will be a word)

Civic Center.jpg

Start in the center of the square marked “A”

  1. Walk 15 paces North. The square you’ve landed on will be your 1st letter.

  2. Now turn and walk 17 paces East. The letter that correlates to this square is your second letter.

  3. Now walk 9 paces South. This is your 3rd letter.

  4. Turn and walk 12 paces West. This is your 4th letter.

  5. Walk 5 paces South. This is your 5th letter.

All 5 letters should form a word. Enter the word into the Clue Portal to reveal your next checkpoint!