Clue #2:

Make your way to the Texas Capitol Building. To unlock your next clue, follow these steps. Please note this building is secure and you must follow their rules. Some clues will be inside and some will be outside. Good luck!

Find the plaque below. One word has been obscured. Figure out what the first letter of that word is. That is the first letter of your 5-letter answer.  


Find the plaque below. There is a section missing. Find the 16th letter of the missing text and that is your 2nd letter for this task.


Find the plaque below. Find the last letter of the missing text. This is your 3rd letter.


The 4th spot to see is below. The 2nd paragraph starts with what letter? That is your 4th letter.


The 5th spot is below. The 2nd paragraph is obscured. There are 40 words in the 2nd paragraph. The 25th word of the 2nd paragraph starts with what letter?


You should have all 5 letters now! They do not spell anything. Put them in the clue portal in the order they were arranged for this page and you will unlock your next clue!

Good job!

Bonus points for any teams that post a picture of themselves in front of the Capitol with our flag and tag @wheretonextrace_