Well done! You are doing super! Once Waldo left the Visitor’s Center he visited 7 signs around the Capitol Grounds. They are below. They are in a specific order. Only 5 of them will matter. You will need the last letter/number on each sign. 2 of the signs will not be a part of the code. You will need to work out which 2 are not part of the code. Place the correct 5 in the order in which they appear on this page and it will unlock your next code. Good luck!

North Ped.jpg
Texas schoolch.jpg
west ground lake.jpg
bicent fount.jpg
grotto and lagoon.jpg

Once you complete this challenge, take a team picture with the capitol building in the background. Make sure your whole team is present and the w2nr flag is in the picture. post to instagram and Tag us @wheretonextrace_.