It's time for some orienteering.


(NB: We plotted this using casual steps, so no need to take giant steps.)

Starting on the Nashville star and using the cardinal directions of the map itself (not necessarily real 3D space):

24 steps East (this ain't Spoon Gulch);

9 steps South (oh fudger);

19 steps West (an insect's dance, perhaps);

2 steps South and 12 steps West (you're not really in it, re: the map);

25 steps West and 1 step South (are you in denial?);

5 steps East and 12 steps North (who? who?);

38 steps East and 2 steps South (you and yours gettin' heavy last night);

7 steps North and 3 steps West (it's almost October and decorative gourds are a thing);

22 steps East (equivalent of an engagement band, perhaps); and finally...

8 steps South and 9 steps East.

If you've done it correctly, you should be situated on or near your final portal-based clue. Input the town name into get your final clue.