You are off to a great start! We will find Waldo today!

We know Waldo continued down the trail based on a long police report we received. Maybe you can find some clues that we may have missed.

fannie davis.jpg

Police found Waldo’s fingerprint on the last letter on the bottom right of this sign. Could it mean something?? Try to remember that letter. According to the Police report he crossed the river around here to get on the north side of the trail. You should do the same.

Bridge sign.jpg

The image above has some text washed out. Inside the white box, the 7th character from the beginning is the one you need. From here, waldo went east.

Pontoon Bridge (1).jpg

On the sign above, Waldo had a thumb print on the second to last letter on the sign.. It may be important. Try to remember it. Keep heading east.

Famous Bats.jpg

There is a blue box blocking some of the text. The 50th letter under the blue box is your 4th letter of this code. What is waldo saying? One more clue to find out!

Ai Weiwei.jpg

There is a black box covering part of the sign. The third to last letter in the hidden section is your final letter in Waldo’s code. Please input all 5 letters into the clue portal in the order you found them and you will see where Waldo went from here! Great work!