Let’s continue with Air and Space— Time to find some tricky items throughout the museum. Make sure you read each clue carefully! Good luck! We are seeing reports of some exhibits may be closed since yesterday. If that is the case, please contact us for help on Instagram. Thanks!


Find Amy Johnson. Lift up the flap. Under the flap, the first letter of the second line is your first part of the 5-letter clue. This exhibit closed for today. Please use the letter B as your first letter. Sorry about that!


Find the box above. We have obscured the hand written text on the top. Inside the obscured portion, find the 2nd letter written in white. That is your second letter for the 5-letter clue portal answer.


For the 3rd task, find the Motorcycle above. On the plaque below the motorcycle, find the 15th letter in the title. This letter is your 3rd letter for the 5-letter clue portal.


To The left of the telescope there is some pink-purple writing. Find the 1st letter of the 7th line. That is your 4th letter for the clue portal! You are getting close!


Your fifth and final challenge is to find the dog above. Figure out the 3rd letter in his name for your 5th letter in the clue portal answer.

Put in all 5 letters in the order you found them to find where to next?