FUN FACT: While he referred to his favorite guitar as a "59 Strat," Stevie Ray Vaughan's actual guitar comprised a 1963 Stratocaster body, a 1962 Stratocaster neck, and pickups from a 1959 Stratocaster. 



Is it still raining? Your song should've scared away the clouds.

Oh well.

Regardless, you get to spend quite a bit of time indoors now.

Why don't you pay a visit to our friends at Lockout Austin? I bet they've got something to warm you up... Or, at least, to confuse you.

When you successfully finish with your task there, you must take a photo with Lockout’s props - they can point you toward them - to post to Instagram, making sure to tag #W2NR, @wheretonextrace_, AND @lockoutatx.