Congratulations! You solved the Library of Congress Challenge! If you are racing more leisurely, you may want to check out the Jefferson Reading Room before you leave.

Next, we will go to the National Museum of the American Indian. Once inside make your way to find the objects below and solve the puzzle:


The advertisement above has a grey box over part of it. The 14th letter in Red is the letter you are looking for as your 1st letter!


The pocket book above is your second object. There is a small plaque below that describes the bag. The letter that appears the most on this plaque is your second letter!


The beer can above is your 3rd object. Find the beer can. The 26th letter of the alphabet is your 3rd letter!

The Buffalo Mask above is the fourth object. Find it. The last letter of the tribe of origin is your fourth letter.

Find the sign above for your fifth letter. To the side is a sign that says “Land” as the title. In the text below “Land” the 11th character is your 5th letter! Put all 5 letters in the clue portal for your next clue!

Well Done!