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  • Racers compete in teams of two (2) people.

  • Races take 2-3 hours.

  • Every race is different. While we might at times reuse some locations, the challenges are always unique.

  • Cash and other prizes awarded to the top finishers as well as to other racers for things such as Best Mid-race Instagram Photo.

 Racers find Waldo hanging out in Eastern Market in Washington, D.C.

Racers find Waldo hanging out in Eastern Market in Washington, D.C.

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Teams (2 persons) must pay Entry Fee in USD to enter the race.

Each Team Must create a Team Name. Individuals in a Team Will Register separately and will be Paired in Our system by team name. 

Teams can fund their travel in any way they see fit—fundraising, personal money, appeals to social media, SPONSORSHIP

Race geography will vary from city to city. Please be prepared to use local transportation,personal car, bike, rideshare, etc. to get to/from each checkpoint.

Each team must pay for all expenses during the race-- local transportation, rideshare, parking, etc. 

Race is timed from start of the race until the team completes the final check point 

Clues to the checkpoints will be released in person, through the website, Instagram and twitter. It is each team's responsibility to have access to twitter,instagram and the web.

You must complete each task in the order given. Do not skip any checkpoints.

Each team of 2 must find their own way to each checkpoint. Teams may run, walk, bike, taxi, use local transportation, and/or rideshare throughout the race. 

No private planes and/or helicopters may be used in the race.

Each team will be given a flag. The flag must be Carried during the race, and the flag must appear in all picture-related tasks.

each racer's instagram account must be public during the race, and location services must be activated. 

racers are permitted to request help with clues to checkpoint locations from friends, family, social media or anyone else. 

Teams must agree to waiver to participate in race.

Teams must follow all instructions for each clue, checkpoint, and task.

Each task must be completed in full. Partial completions will result in Disqualification.

Racers must follow local laws

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How Many Teams Participate in each Race?

We estimate between 50 and 150 teams per Race.

What is the typical distance each race will cover?

Each race will be different depending on the city and attractions nearby. Races will usually stay within 10 miles of city center.

Are there any extra costs?

It depends on your strategy. We estimate most teams will want to use public transportation, ride share, or drive their cars to and from each checkpoint. There will be costs associated with each teams travel. Where to Next? Race does not pay for your travel costs before, during or after the race. 

Some tasks will require you to post pictures to Instagram, so please make all your social media accounts public during the race. We will tweet and post clues to Instagram, so please follow our official Instagram and Twitter. 

How will social media be used in the Race? 

Can I prepare ahead of time?

Yes! Knowing the city, transportation routes, major landmarks, history and local businesses will all help you beat your competition. 

What do I need to bring with me?

Bring your confirmation email, plenty of water, snacks, cell phone charger (mobile charger recommended), and prepare for weather conditions (sunscreen, umbrella, jackets, etc.). Don't forget your teammate! 

What's included in the race registration?

Entry to the race, a t-shirt, a flag for your team, a chance to win prizes and money!

Will you come to my city?

Yes! Please send us a note about which city and what would be fun to see around your city contact us

Please contact us here for sponsorship opportunities. 

Please contact us here for volunteer and employment opportunities.  

How can I get involved?