Head over to The Penrose Special Collections Library at

20 N Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Once you arrive, please follow their rules below. There are free lockers for bags/drinks.


Let’s see how you do with this Orienteering Challenge!

Start from the top of the staircase near the North Entrance of the Special Collections.

  1. Walk 7 paces south. Using the card catalog to your right, find the box on the top row/last column. Find the very last card in the box. There’s a date written on the card. What is the last digit in the date?

  2. Now walk 12 paces south and 3 paces west. You should be near a large green book. Find page 37. How many horse-drawn carriages are in the bottom picture?

  3. Walk 4 paces south, 6 paces west, then 4 paces north. Look in the bookcase on the top row. One book’s title includes “Bills and Notes to Bonded __________”. What is the last letter in the missing word?

  4. Now walk 9 paces west. What is the last digit on the black plate at the bottom right of the painting?

  5. Turn and walk 5 paces south. In the book to your right, turn to page 1869. What is the last letter of the word in the top right corner?

Well done! Enter the 5 character alphanumeric sequence into the Clue Portal to reveal your next challenge!