This challenge will be a scavenger hunt, but first, let’s see how well you know Boulder’s landscape! Head to the building marked in the map below.

Boulder Public Library.jpg

Now it’s scavenger hunt time! Go to the location pictured below inside the building, and take a wacky photo with your team. Be sure that your W2NR flag is visible in the photo, post it to Instagram, and tag @wheretonextrace_

  1. Now, find the object in the image below. What is the 3rd letter on the object hidden by the red square?

library 1.jpg

2. Find the statue below. What is the second letter of the 5th word on the placard?


3. Great work! Now find the object pictured below. What is the 8th letter hidden by the red square?

library 2.jpg

4. Keep it up! Find the object below. Using the placard beneath the object, what is the 3rd letter of the last word in the description?


5. Last one! Find the display below. What is the 5th letter of the 1st word hidden by the red square?

library 4.jpg

Well done!! Enter all 5 letters (in order) into the Clue Portal to get your next challenge!