Good job team! Time to head to the National Museum of American History. You will now begin the inside portion of this race :-)

If there is a line to get in, it should move fast. There is more than one entrance, if the line is long. If you arrived before 10AM and they have not opened, please wait until they open. It should be very soon :-)

We need you to find the objects below to solve the next 5-letter word. If you get stuck, please reach out to us via direct message on Instagram or We know the exact locations of each item and will help.


The car above looks really fun. There will be a corresponding plaque for this object. Find it. Your first letter is on the second line, the 20th letter of that line.


KFC, yum. Find the plaque for this one. There is a paragraph about KFC and their innovative cooking methods. The last word of this paragraph starts with your second letter.


Fun time! Take your best picture/video with the First Ladies and tag us on Instagram @wheretonextrace_. Bonus points for anyone who poses like a First Lady


Ok, enough silliness. Let’s find this object above. We blanked out a space on the plaque. The ninth letter in the title is your third letter.


Your 4th letter is under this blanked out sign. The 6th letter of the name is the one you want.


The fifth letter is hidden on the button that we blanked out. The fifth letter or the ninth letter will work for you. Put all 5 letters together in the clue portal and you can go to our next checkpoint! Awesome job!