Keep up the good work! Now head to The Blair Caldwell African American Research Library for a scavenger hunt challenge.

Please be courteous and respectful in the library. The librarians have been gracious to let us use this space. Thank you!

Below you will find 5 objects in the Library and solve the challenge associated with them. Good luck!


The poster above has the name of the publication obscured. The first letter of the name of the publication is your first letter for this challenge.

Find this beautiful Last Will and Testament above. The Author’s first letter of her first name is your second letter.


Above, find the plaque that says streetcar suburb. From the top, find the 61st letter. This will be your 3rd letter in the this challenge.

Denver 4.jpg

Find the above letter. The box is blocking out the 4 conditions they “will want and insist upon”. The last letter of the first condition is your 4th letter for this challenge!


The fifth letter comes from the picture above. There is a plaque to the left describing this piece. The last letter on the plaque is your 5th letter!

Before you leave, get a picture/video of at least one teammate in the office below and tag us on instagram @wheretonextrace_ and use #w2nrdenver. Great job!!