You guys are doing great! The next place waldo went was to the texas capitol visitors center. Make your way here and look for the objects below. We think they will help us solve where waldo has gone! Note: do not go in the Capitol building. go to the capitol visitors center. Solve the puzzle below to unlock the next clue.

Blue Bell.jpg

In the above picture, the last letter of the first line in bold is the first letter you are looking for.


In the above picture, the last letter of the covered up section is your second letter.


Use the above map and measure out 5 miles west. The 3rd to the last letter of this name is your 3rd letter.


On the letter above, the 5th line from the bottom and the 10th letter on the line is your 4th letter.


Finally, the 5th item to find is the brands above. Their is yellow text missing from the top of our picture. Find the 7th letter in that text for your 5th letter. You have solved Waldo’s task! Well done!