Ok, Nexters, you are doing great! Time to visit Asia! Find the museum below. No need to head underground to solve our little hunt. ;-)


First you will need to find the statue below. On the plaque below, the first letter of the first paragraph is your first letter for the next checkpoint.


Time for a little silliness again. Below is a Guardian. Find him and take your picture/video doing your best imitation of his pose and tag us @wheretonextrace_. Try to get the Guardian in your shot :-)


Your second letter lies with the man below. The 3rd letter of the material this piece is made of is the second letter for this task.


If you keep going, you will see the figure below from Japan. The first letter of the name of this piece is your third letter.


The fourth letter is the second letter in the name of the piece below.


Your fifth object is below. The first letter of the country of origin is the letter you need.


Great job!