You’ve now visited Thatcher Fountain and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial at City Park. This place is full of beautiful sights, so let’s check out another one! Head to the location circled below.

City Park Denver (2).jpg

Once there, you will find 3 pieces of artillery situated around the statue. Find the Navy Parrot Rifle pictured below. On the top of the gun, find the last 2 digits written next to lbs.


Now find the seacoast mortar pictured below. On the east face of the mortar, count the hexagonal bolts.


Now find the 11-inch Navy Dahlgren. On the top of the gun, find the 1st digit of the 3-digit written after “No.”

You should have 5 digits now. Enter the 5 digits in order into the Clue Portal to reveal your next checkpoint!