Welcome to Where to Next? Race Colorado Springs on

Sept 14th, 2019

We have a day filled with fun challenges around the city! We want today to be challenging, but not frustrating. If you get stuck on a clue, please send us a message on Instagram @wheretonextrace_ and we will help you.

Now for the first challenge! There are 5 cards with numbers hidden inside/outside of Runner’s Roost. Find all 5 numbers, and arrange the digits from smallest to largest. Then solve the problem below:

  1. First + Third = ______

  2. Fourth - Third = ______

  3. Fifth - (First + Second) = ______

  4. First + Third + Fifth - Fourth = ______

  5. First x Second = ________

Once you’ve solved each equation, enter the 5 digits in order into the Clue Portal to reveal your next challenge. Good Luck!