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panda beer.jpg

You've heard of panda bears, but have you heard of panda beer?

If you found the Pandas, you know you're near.

Find the Bottle And start from there.

Use a Compass and walk with care.



NorthEast 70 paces

SouthEast 65 paces

NorthEast 70 paces

East 335 paces

West 165 paces

SouthWest 30 paces

If your course thus far has been true, you should be able to see this view:

zoo waterfall.gif


SouthEast 200 more paces

Take the fork to the right 

Continue straight 125 paces

West 50 paces 


The path you've walked did turn and wind, and at the end you'll find a sign.


Of the 6 things on this sign, which takes the longest?

Enter your answer in the clue Portal.


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