Welcome to W2NR DC Mini Race on March 13th! Your first task is a complex one. Follow all the steps to find your next clue.

Your first step is to find the street in the picture below. All of the following clues from this first checkpoint will be located on this street.


Once you find the street, your next task will be to find the following 5 items and solve the riddle. Remember all clues are 5 letters/numbers.

Item #1

UST 1.jpg

We have covered up a 5 letter sticker above. Find the 3rd letter of this word. The letter from this clue is the first letter you need to solve this task.

Item #2 below


Find this mural. To the right of the mural, there is a quote. The last letter of the quote is your 2nd letter for this task.

Item #3 below


Find the plaque above. The text is covered on the left of the plaque. Find the last letter for your 3rd letter for this clue. You are doing great!

Item #4 below


We have blocked the writing on the beer. Find the first letter on the beer in his hand. That is your 4th letter!

Item #5 below


Find the building above. There is text from this view in the picture that is above the building. We have obstructed your view. Find the last letter under the obstruction for your 5th letter of the clue portal. Once you have all 5 letters, put them in the clue portal in the order you found them. Great job!