You found the Waldo! Great job!

Make your way to the Lincoln Memorial and take a picture/video of your team with Lincoln and the team flag. Post it to Instagram and tag @wheretonextrace_

After your picture, let’s do a word scramble! Look at Lincoln and then walk to the right side of the building. The text of a speech is broken into three parts. The part that is farthest to the right is the one that we will use today.

Find the 10th letter of the 3rd line. That is your first letter for the next clue.

Find the 19th line. 5th letter. That is your second letter.

The second to last letter in this text. That is your third letter.

The 7th line. The 20th letter. That is your fourth letter.

The 34th line. The 8th letter. That is your fifth letter.

Put in all 5 letters to go to your next checkpoint! Well done!