Good job! The Air and Space challenge was our hardest yet! Head next door to the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Find the two works below and take your pictures with them. Post to Instagram and tag @wheretonextrace_ and hold up your flag!


After getting your glamour shots, head inside to solve the puzzle! If you have time, go to the Pulse display. It is not in our challenge today, but the dark rooms are excellent!


Find the piece above. The first letter of the name of this piece is your first letter for your next clue.


For the second piece above, there is a plaque to the left. The first letter on the plaque is your second letter.


For the third piece above, your 3rd letter will be the first letter of the title of this piece.


For your fourth letter, the piece above has a plaque to the left. On the plaque it says “2000”, directly below that, the first letter is your fourth letter.


The fifth piece above has a plaque to it’s side. The plaque reads “Acrylic, Oil, and charcoal on _____” The fourth letter in the blanks is your fifth letter. You are doing great! Only a few short checkpoints left!