Teams (2 persons or more for select races) must pay Entry Fee in USD to enter the race.

Each Team Must create a Team Name. Individuals in a Team that Register separately will be Paired in Our system by team name. 

Race geography will vary from city to city. Please be prepared to use local transportation,personal car, walk, run, bike, rideshare, etc. to get to/from each checkpoint.

Each team must pay for all expenses during the race-- local transportation, rideshare, parking, etc. 

Race is timed from start of the race until the team completes the final check point 

Clues to the checkpoints will be released in person, through the website, and Instagram. It is each team's responsibility to have access to instagram and the web.

You must complete each task in the order given. Do not skip any checkpoints.

Each team of 2 must find their own way to each checkpoint. Teams may run, walk, bike, taxi, use local transportation, and/or rideshare throughout the race. 

No private planes and/or helicopters may be used in the race. ;-)

Each team will be given a flag. The flag must be Carried during the race, and the flag must appear in all picture-related tasks.

each racer's instagram account must be public during the race, and location services must be activated. 

racers are permitted to request help with clues to checkpoint locations from friends, family, social media or anyone else. 

Teams must sign waiver to participate in race.

Teams must follow all instructions for each clue, checkpoint, and task.

Each task must be completed in full. Partial completions will result in Disqualification.

Racers must follow local laws