Way to go! That was a tough one! Good job!

the police were able to use waldo’s phone to trace his steps downtown but have not matched it up with a map yet. Can you please help them?

Find the South Gate at the Capitol


From the south gate

Cross 11th Street on the East side

Walk South 130 Steps (please note these steps are an average)

Walk 30 steps West

Walk 50 steps South and see the mural below


Continue South 55 steps

Head 120 steps West, uphill

Walk 50 steps South.

You will see the side of a building that looks like the picture below:


Go South 70 Steps

Go West 115 Steps

Now, South 80 Steps

Look accross the street. The building has a large hedge in front of it. There are two words on the left side of the hedge. Take every other letter from left to right until you have 5 letters. That is your next code!