Awesome job! That was a tough one. The Denver Central Library has much more to see, so we’re going to stick around for another challenge! Please be respectful of the other library patrons and follow all rules in the library.

Find the location pictured below. Snap a wacky photo there with your team and W2NR flag. Post the photo to Instagram and tag @wheretonextrace_ and use #w2nrdenver


Note: This scavenger hunt challenge will result in 5 random letters as the Clue for the Clue Portal. This will NOT form a word.

Find the exhibit below. On the description above the exhibit, what is the last letter of the last sentence?


Find the painting below. What is the 5th letter of the title of the painting? (Hint: use the lower placard to the right of the painting)


Find the map pictured below. Locate the image obscured by the red box and X. What is the 7th letter?

Library map.jpg

Find the display below. In the passage hidden by the red square, what is the first letter of the third word on the 12th line?

library 1 (1).jpg

Find the painting below. What is the 7th letter of the first name hidden by the red square?

library 1 (2).jpg

Enter the 5 letters in the order that you found them into the Clue Portal. This clue is NOT an actual word.