Now that you have visited the market, gotten some good shots for Instagram, it is time to get to work! Head to the Library of Congress, which we think is one of the most beautiful buildings in DC, and solve the following puzzles to get your next clue!

Find the item below. On the side of the display is a description of the item. The third to last letter of the text is your first letter of your next code. (There are 4 paragraphs on this text)


The next item below will take some searching. Look for this part of the building. We have obstructed some of the text. The 12th letter under the obstruction is your next letter.


Find the map below. There is a text with a gray/blue background to the right of the map. The third letter you are searching for is 34th letter from the top of this text.


Below is your 4th clue. We blocked the letters of two names. The 9th letter from the top is your 4th letter. You are doing great!


Your final task is the 5th letter of the clue. The letter is ā€œnā€. Look at these pretty bowls! They are great! You guys are doing great! If you have extra time, check out the reading room. It is really beautiful.