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Where to Next? Race

Our Challenge. Your Adventure.

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 Where to Next? Race is a new kind of race

“The most exciting way to spend a Saturday in the city of the race. Seriously Heart-Pumping fun!”

Each race is a live event put on by our staff and no two races are ever the same. Teams of two or more compete against other teams in an “Amazing Race” style checkpoint course around the city. Teams complete tasks that vary between mental, physical, silly, social, and other fun ideas in order to complete the race. Teams engage with the city through partnerships with local businesses, local people, and local sights. Teams have complete freedom to choose modes of transportation throughout the race. We have seen runners, bikes, motorcycles, scooters, walkers, cars, ride share, metro, and buses get teams from point A to point B. Our races visit iconic sights, small businesses, parks, murals, museums, military bases, markets, bars, breweries, and shops.

W2NR is NOT: an app that takes you around the city on a guided tour that has not been updated in years.

W2NR is NOT: a generic list of tasks that you can choose to complete with friends.

W2NR is NOT: a race that gives advantages to teams that pay money for extra clues.

W2NR is unique, exciting, local, engaging, and worth your time.

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Upcoming Races

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2019 EU Embassy Run— Washington, D.C. - May 11, 2019 Tickets Facebook

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